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Guatemala City The new Real Estate El Dorado for Investors? part 1

In this first part I want to share this article recently published in Guatemala, national news paper El Periodico. It is an analyse of the market condition in Guatemala City, Central America. In a second part I will comment on these changes.

From El Periodico News Paper writter Manuel Silva

The supply of vertical housing has increased in recent years due to vehicular traffic problems. People prefer to live close to the capital and have moved to small apartments that measure between 30 and 85 square meters at lower cost. "People have changed garden homes for better locations," the developers say.In the central parts of the city the square meter is not less than Q10,000 (1,370 $ / m2). However in more remote projects, for example, located in zone 18 the cost may be approximately Q4,000 ($ 548.00 /m2). The most expensive in the city, according to a recent study, is located in zones 14 and 15, explains Juan Pablo Estrada, president of the National A…

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