viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

Escape from the City!

Never Lake Atitlan has been so attractive.. find out this hidden gem located only 2 1/2  hours from Guatemala city.. And check what real estate property are available at the best real estate listing for Guatemala...HERE

viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

Two Houses for sale Waterfront San Juan La Laguna. Property close to the village but not in the village. All fenced, full grown trees, guardian house, storage,with pier right on the water. Ideal for retirement or to develop a retreat center. Excellent real estate property and house for sale in Guatemala, Lake Atitlan. It is located close to San Juan La Laguna the village most advanced in terms of communitary organisation. Full of primitive painters, local weaving cooperative.. all at a great price $ 120,000.00

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

2 houses Waterfront Lake Atilan San Marcos La Laguna

In Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, San Marcos La Laguna, great real estate property for sale with long lasting value for the following reasons...
LOCATION : Right on the water, small lake access, but with floating pier
LOCATION: Only 7 minutes walk from San Marcos La Laguna village
LOCATION: A million dollars view.. to volcanos and sunsets..

A very good real estate deal in Guatemala Lake Atitlan, check this stunning opportunity to invest in Guatemala for your retirement or leasure at SANMARH 11

lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Who are the Guatemalan any way...

Well nobody better than Gabriel Garcia Marquez to describe them..
If you plan to retire or relocate in Guatemala here are some information from a great writer...
Below you will find the article in Spanish.. and I translate it freely so forgive me if the translation is not perfect... enjoy..
There is no one who doesn't know a Guatemalan or at least know someone who knows a Guatemalan . Anyway, once asked a wise teacher acknowledged : What it is a Guatemalan ? His answer was: Ah , Guatemalans ... what a difficult question ! Guatemalans are among you but not from you. Guatemalan drink in the same cup of joy and bitterness. They make music from their complaint and laugh at the music. Guatemalans okes seriously  and make jokes so seriously. They don't believe in nobody and believe in everything. Don't  ever consider to argue with them ever! Guatemalan are born with wisdom. No need to read ,they know everything ! No need to travel ,they have seen everything ! Guatemalans are something like the chosen people, by  themselves. Guatemalans are individually characterized by their sympathy and intelligence , and in groups , for their clamor and passion.
Each carries the spark of genius and geniuses do not get along with each other , hence the Guatemalans are easy  to  gather,  but to unite them is almost impossible. Don't talk to them about logic , because it implies reasoning and restraint and Guatemalans are hyperbolic and exaggerated . For example, if you are invited to a restaurant to eat, you are  not invited at the best restaurant in town , but at  the best restaurant in the world .
When discussing  they don't say I disagree with you but you are completely wrong! They have cannibalistic tendencies; for example He ate her ! It is an expression of admiration and to eat a pretty woman is a sign of admirable situation. Telling someone " eat shit " is a searing insult. The Guatemalan loves some much  contradiction that they call " ass-culo " athe beautiful women "animal" the scholars . If you suffer from any health conditions they warn you ,Brother , you should talk to me to take you to a friend of mine who is a fucking good doctor! Guatemalans offer solutions before knowing the problem. For them there is never any problem. They know what needs to be done to eradicate terrorism , prosecute poor Caribbean countries, ending hunger in Africa, pay the foreign debt , who should be president and how the United States can become a world power.
They do not understand why others do not understand them when their ideas are so simple and clear , and can't  just understand why people do not want to learn to speak Castilian like them, but they want everyone to learn 23 pre colombian mayan dialects  languages ​​what do nothing more than divided the society .
Ah , Guatemalans ...  We can not much live with them, but it is impossible to live without them!
Dedicated with love to the people of the greatest country in the world ...
Gabriel Garcia Marquez...
Picture from the rough guide.

Spanish version
No hay nadie que no conozca a un guatemalteco o, por lo menos, conoce a alguien que conoce a un guatemalteco. De todas maneras, le preguntaron en una ocasión a un reconocido sabio maestro: ¿Qué es un guatemalteco? Su respuesta fue la siguiente: ¡Ah, los guatemaltecos… que difícil pregunta! Los guatemaltecos están entre ustedes pero no son de ustedes. Los guatemaltecos beben en la misma copa la alegría y la amargura. Hacen música de su llanto y se ríen de la música. Los guatemaltecos toman en serio los chistes y hacen chistes de lo serio. No creen en nadie y creen en todo. ¡No se les ocurra discutir con ellos jamás! Los guatemaltecos nacen con sabiduría. No necesitan leer, ¡todo lo saben! No necesitan viajar, ¡todo lo han visto! Los guatemaltecos son algo así como el pueblo escogido, por ellos mismos. Los guatemaltecos se caracterizan individualmente por su simpatía e inteligencia y, en grupos, por su gritería y apasionamiento.
Cada uno de ellos lleva en sí la chispa de genios y los genios no se llevan bien entre sí, de ahí que reunir a los guatemaltecos es fácil, pero unirlos es casi imposible. No se les hable de lógica, pues eso implica razonamiento y mesura y los guatemaltecos son hiperbólicos y exagerados. Por ejemplo, si te invitan a un restaurante a comer, no te invitaron al mejor restaurante del pueblo, sino al mejor restaurante del mundo.
Cuando discuten, no dicen: No estoy de acuerdo con vos sino ¡Estas completamente equivocado! Tienen tendencias antropofágicas; así entonces ¡Se la comió! Es una expresión de admiración y comerse a una mujer guapa es señal de una situación admirable. Decirle a alguien "come mierda" es un insulto lacerante. El guatemalteco ama tanto la contradicción que llama "culo" a las mujeres hermosas y "animal" a los eruditos. Si te aqueja alguna situación de salud te advierten, ¡Mano, debiste hablar conmigo para llevarte donde un cuate mío, que es un médico cabrón! Los guatemaltecos ofrecen soluciones antes de saber el problema. Para ellos nunca hay problema. Saben lo que hay que hacer para erradicar el terrorismo, encausar a países pobres del Caribe, eliminar el hambre en África, pagar la deuda externa, quién debe ser presidente y cómo Estados Unidos puede llegar a ser una potencia mundial.
No entienden por qué los demás no les entienden cuando sus ideas son tan sencillas y claras, y no acaban de entender por que la gente no quiere aprender a hablar castellano como ellos, sino que quieren que todo el mundo aprendan 23 lenguas precolombinas que lo que hacen es dividir mas a la sociedad.
¡Ah, los guatemaltecos… No podemos vivir mucho con ellos, pero es imposible vivir sin ellos!
Dedicado con cariño a los habitantes del mejor país del Mundo…
Gabriel García Márquez

miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014

A little cotage in the heart of San Marcos La Laguna

In Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, real estate in San Marcos La Laguna offers interesting properties for different needs.. This little plot is located 100 mts from the center of town.. it is on the path to the new Yoga Forest center up in the valley. Still all fenced with coffees plants and bananas tree.. Currently with electricity and water with agreement with the neighbour. The cottage is 6 x 7 mts it is one room and each corner has a function.. the cuisine corner, the dining corner, the sleeping corner and one for what ever other use. The construction is made of barrareque the traditional building system with palm for roofing. If you want to retire in Guatemala and particularly in lake Atitlan this is a very affordable property.. you could rebuild it with a second floor and enjoy great views of the lake and volcanos. Located outside any risk zone and close to town makes it very attractive. An adjacent lot could be purchased for $ 20,000.00 contact me at property SANMAH 05

jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014

Real Estate Experience in Guatemala and Lake Atitlan

Guatemala has been getting more attention this days.. and it shows in the traffic on our website..with a 10% increase since last year and 73 %. It seems that after 2 years of slow business (2011-2012) and an exceptional 2013, already 2014 is starting with a high volume of demand. For rental, long term or short term or for houses or land... The market particularly in Lake Atitlan is very small there fore it is a good moment and location to invest. If you buy a house or build a house for your retirement price are still very affordable.. If you want to invest a house that can be used for vacation rental will get you excellent return because of the scarcity of the offer..comparing countries which are since longer time been expat destination.. And this podcast found on IREL Taylor White site is a good source of information... Make sure to check regularly Taylor White web site.. it is full of on hand information.

lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

The impact of Natural disasters on Properties Value for Guatemala Real Estate

How to assess the impact of natural disasters for properties in the real estate market of Guatemala?

After each rainy season several owner and potential buyers wonder how their properties will be affected by it.

Guatemala per its location is susceptible to be heavily affected by weather events. I will leave other natural disasters as earthquake and volcanoes eruptions to another article…

Guatemala weather is based on two season. The dry season which springs from October to may… During this time no rain at all particularly on the high lands . Some showers maybe expected on the lowlands but dryness is predominant.

The rainy season springs from June to mid October…. The rain is not as bad as in Asian countries, nothing like the Monsoon… At the contrary it is more like tempered areas… sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon…
The problem is the quantity of rain we receive… on the over hole of the rainy season the quantity only affects lakes level and particularly lake Atitlan.
Considered as one of the most beautiful lake in the world it attracts several expat who have decided to leave on its shore. Therefore buying a property on lake Atitlan has never been so challenging..
Being installed since 25 years on its shore the level has never been so high during my stay and it keeps rising. Owners as buyers all wonders where it will stop…  Several properties build too low already have been inundated, and some soon will be under water… All this affects tremendously the value of the properties…
The questions are what will be this rising cycle length… and to which extend?
There are no definitive at the moment to consider to acquire real estate as house waterfront, land waterfront or vacation rental in Lake Atitlan it is important to look at location. You should learn about the past history of lake level, check out if you are not in a riverbed.
The government made some maps defining the areas of most risks particularly for flooding and mudslides.
One good thing is that you can get insurance against damages from flood or lake rise..  Preferably choose houses and land on higher-ground  and not flat areas..
And some times it is better to buy a view than lakefront as you can always build a pool if you want to swim or join a marina to store your boat.
Don’t hesitate to consult with us if you are not sure of your choice.. When buying real estate in Lake Atitlan requires some expertise.
Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City are not that much affected by water rise or mudslide.