Guatemalan Electrical Bill

Most of us leaving around Lake Atitlan, unless you are living off the grid, receive monthly an electrical bill, from DEOCSA, the company distributing the electricity in the Solola's area. I add a translation of the different items composing a bill in order for you to understand better what it means.
Now you might add the bad experience of having your electricity cut off because, supposedly you have not paid your bill. You have to know that after 2 bills no paid the electrical company would issue an order to cut you off the system. And it will cost you Q 140.00 to get reconnected, independently the amount of your consumption. Very unfair fine as the poor pay more comparatively than the rich. It is important for you to make sure that you do get your bill and if you live in a remote area you might want to have your bill send to an office in Panajachel for example to make sure to receive it. You might also consider utilizing our service of property management and we will take care of your bill. If you do receive your bill you might to put a mail box which close at the entrance of your property with your NIS number on it to help the person distributing the bills. There is one company reading the meter and one other company distributing the bills. Now you will find on your coming bill an increase of your amount due.
This is the consequences of the increase of the rates. The first rare called "Tarifa Social" a subsidized rate by the government for people consuming less than 300 kv/hour/month will increase 29% for 1 Kv/hour/month from Q 1.380 in fevruary-april to Q 1.7807 in may-july. But the National Institute for Electricity (INDE) will subsidized the rate of the "Tarifa Social" according the following ranks. Under 50 kv/h/m of consumption Q 0.50 /kv, between 51 and 100 kw/h/m Q. 0.75/kv and between 101 kv/h/m and 300 kv/h/m Q 1.45 for the first 100 kv.
So make sure you turn off your lights. We, at Atitlan Solutions, are looking forward to help you find solutions to cut down on your electrical bill by installing solar water heater and installing solar electrical power. We have done both kind of installation check out our building records at

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