Purchase real estate in Guatemala

Purchasing a home can be a long, frightening and complicated process, it is important to be well prepared. Knowledge is power when it comes to calculating in the difficult world of property value, interest rates and loans.

Like any investment however, real estate has intricate nuances and market trends that when ignored can cause an investor tremendous heart ache.

For a first time real estate investor in Guatemala it is important to start at a point “of expertise” with a capable, service minded and knowledgeable real estate professional. This will be a tremendous asset as the realtor takes the effort and time to evaluate your future needs and cover those. It’s like a good insurance policy against overlooking all the seemingly insignificant but important details that you have to be prepared for when buying real estate in Guatemala.

The list of documents that needs to be proofed can be overwhelming to a first time investor. Building permits, title policies, mineral leases, inspections, purchase contracts, insurance, environmental laws, etc.

You do not have to do it alone. We at Atitlan Solutions can remove most of the stress and bring the transaction or project to a smooth success.

We are here to inform you, contact us for any information or for an informal meeting to talk about your interest and possibilities for investing in Guatemala.

Armand Boissy
5493-6161 (Cell) or 7762-0959 (Office)

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