Finding offers in a difficult real estate market

View from Santa Cruz la Laguna

Not surprisingly, lately real estate prices are being negatively influenced by the combination of lower property cash flows – mostly because of less demand for residential space, increased availability and now we also calculate climate as a possible negative factor.

Signs of a Real Estate-climate change
After the global financial crises the commercial values of realty has dropped and in Guatemala, especially the Lake Atitlan region, the climate influenced residential property prices and sales in 2010. A combination of emotions and reality was the base for that.

Ways to Measure True Value
We always advice a trustable agent to estimate any property value and although a real estate offer can sound interesting at first, your investment could turn into a burden, something you can prevent by investing with an experienced agent.

Where are the Opportunities?
There are opportunities left in the lake Atitlan area for various investments in different segments of this local Guatemalan real estate market.
Offers for properties build on what is now the ‘lake level’ should be avoided; the risk factor is too high.
In general the realty market is at its turning point. Prices are low and investors are on the lookout for interesting offers at Lake Atitlan and have been actively buying.

Panajachel residential property, with 3 separated adobe houses.
Residential Real estate
Popular residential areas with real estate offers are Panajachel and Santa Cruz la Laguna at Lake Atitlan. Apartments, lots and lake view properties are on the market as well as commercial real estate.

Hotel - Lake Atitlan
Commercial Real estate
Various Hotels are for sale at Lake Atitlan, in Santa Cruz la Laguna and Santiago Atitlan luxury Hotels on the market. These are well established hotel-businesses and popular in the current investment-climate.

Inform about the various investment opportunities in Guatemala, with Atitlan Solutions.

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