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Guatemala, “country of eternal spring”, ideally located at the intersection of the North and South Americas, and with beaches bathed by the Atlantic Pacific Ocean, should be an ideal destination for vacation rentals. This is not yet the case, at the moment due to several factors like the lack of security and weak governmental publicity strategy. Despite a strong network of brand new highways and a good conversion rate for the dollar it is still a destination for adventurers, people willing to deal with uncertainty. With a wide selection of interesting tourist locations, it is a destination with great potential particularly being so close to the US market with only 2,5 hours flight from Miami, 5 hours from LA and 6 to NY.

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Now if you would ever decide to plan a trip to Guatemala and would rather choose to rent a house than stay at hotels you will find out that most locations offer a great selections on quality, all included, vacation rentals. And they will give you a good opportunity to discover the best locations for an introduction to this country. After landing you arrive in Guatemala city, a modern capital with archeological museums but not much more of interest, and is preferably better to just skip on a first visit. From Guatemala City you can head to Antigua Guatemala, the colonial capital of the Spanish conquerors, a gorgeous old town with romantic paved streets, imposing perfect coned dormant and active volcanoes, offering modern tourist services. The selection of vacation rentals in Antigua will give you the possibility to enjoy the town at your own path still feeling at home, cook your own food while enjoying your dream vacation.

Take the road to the west and immerse yourself in the Mayan highlands, a place of amazing landscape and living indigenous culture. The road coming down to Lake Atitlan will unfold for you stunning views and beautiful sceneries. From Panajachel, the entry port to the lake, you will be able to visit our offices and reach the house you selected, either by road or by boat, to enjoy your Guatemalan vacation rental. Of course you might want to stay in a modern apartment in Panajachel to enjoy its artist and music and other nightlife scenes. Optional is to have car access to your house to plan trips to the various Mayan cultures around the lake or to Chichicastenango, the crafts market Mecca of the high lands. You can enjoy a kayak included in your waterfront rental, or even your private boat, ready to engage the relaxed life style of living on “the most beautiful lake in the world”.

Vacation rental in Santiago Atitlan

Whatever your plans are be sure to plan ahead as very often the vacation rentals offer extras that are inexpensive in regards to the convenience they provide. For example, a local Mayan cook to try new flavors, an experienced Mayan nanny for your small children, so you will be able to spend quality time with the children and reserve lots for yourselves.

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