Gated community projects at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, in the heart of the Guatemalan highlands is not famous for its gated communities.

Yacht Club Heli-pad in San Lucas Toliman
Still there are two projects that deserve a review for their characteristics, security of investment and potential growth of appreciation. If you are about to start investing in real estate in Guatemala, particularly in the Lake Atitlan region, these two gated-community projects are good for a successful start of an enjoyable experience as a first-time or, experienced realty investor in Guatemala. The two developing gated communities are located in different areas of the Lake, therefore offering different ways for enjoying Atitlan.

The first gated community is located in San Lucas Toliman, at the Yacht Club, the oldest and a very successful community development.
Despite the fact that only 3 houses of the development have waterfront, there is very good access to the lake, a marina to store your boat or wave runner, a pier to park and well kept beaches.
The Yacht club advantages are:

Interior San Lucas Yacht Club condo

  • Proximity to Guatemala City and Antigua through the Pacific Coastal highway.
  • Built on high ground, which protects your investment from future lake level rises.
  • Fully registered which is a premium in term of security of ownership
  • All fenced and 24 hour security for your peace of mind.
  • Great communal amenities, helipad, boat storage, boat ramp and beaches.
  • Despite the number of properties, it is a location that is occupied mainly in Guatemalan vacation time.
Take advantage of either buying a house or an empty lot to build your custom house.

The Second gated community is located on Mansion Road, past the village of Santa Catarina Palopó
Much smaller in size, 8 units in total, but with more majestic view to the three volcanoes and the famous sunsets of Lake Atitlan, this complex of condos-villas holds one of the best real estate values in the area.

The project offers the following:

  • Located less than seven kilometers from Panajachel, where most of the restaurants, bars and discos of the Lake are located. The two villages are connected by a well maintained road.
  • Directly off Mansion Road, the area of most appreciation at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
  • Facing three volcanoes and the gorgeous sunset of the Lake.
  • Excellent amenities, full time guardian and gardener, all fenced, breathtaking natural surroundings.
  • Communal area with long lap pool, Jacuzzi and waterfall.
  • Fully registered, which is a premium in terms of security of ownership.
  • Low monthly payments and property taxes.
  • Villas that can be decorated to your taste, or by the project decorator.
One of the best values in terms of price, location, quality and privacy for a sound real estate investment at Lake Atitlan for a place to retire or to invest in a vacation rental.

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