Guatemala New Minimun Salary for 2011

It has been official by now, President Colom of Guatemala, decreet a raise of the minimum salary applicable 1st of january 2011. In conformity with the Government Agreement number 388-2010 published in the Centre American Newspaper the 30th of December 2010.
The increase for the agricultural workers and non agricultural is of 7.70 Quetzales per day (something like 96 cents US $ per day). With this increment the monthly salary for both economics sectors will be 2,187.54 quetzales (US $ 273.10 at the current exchange rate) which include a bonification of 250 quetzales (US $ 31.21) each month. According  President Colom, this increment will allow the workers of the private sectors to cover the inflation of 2010 and part of 2011. According National Institut of Statistics (INE) the inflation for 2010 was 5,25%. More on Labor in Guatemala.

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