How easy is to buy real estate or rent a house in Lake Atitlan Guateamala

Renting or buying a house at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala is as easy as making one phone call to Atitlan Solutions. The owner and founder of the company, Armand Boissy, is wonderful and he can make all of the necessary arrangements for your trip to the lake. Armand speaks fluent English, French, and Spanish and will make you feel very comfortable during your stay.

First, you’ll arrive at the airport in Guatemala city, where they speak both English and Spanish. The airport personnel are very friendly and helpful in all respects. After collecting your luggage you will be greeted by your driver who will be waiting outside the main doors with a sign that has your name printed on it. All of the drivers hired by Atitlan Solutions are punctual, polite, and very trustworthy. They will make you feel welcome and relaxed during your ride to the lake.

A few hours later, you will arrive in the main town of Panajachel, which is simply called “Pana” by the locals. If your hotel is in Pana, the driver will bring you directly there and help you get settled in. There are a number of nice hotels in Pana ranging from $25USD to $100USD per night. Armand can certainly recommend a great hotel at a reasonable and economical price.

If your hotel is located at one of the small villages around the lake, such as Santa Cruz La Laguna or San Marcos La Laguna, Armand will arrange for a private boat to transport you to your destination. There you can put your luggage in your room, rest for a bit, and then do some sight-seeing. The public boats around the lake are called “lanchas,” and they pick up passengers from Pana approximately every 15-20 minutes and go to each of the villages. No matter where you are staying at the lake you’ll have reliable transportation to and from your hotel.

While staying at the lake you will be able to meet with Armand at your convenience. Armand has a very large selection of houses to rent or for purchase, and he allows you to leisurely take your time viewing properties. It truly is a stress-free experience with Armand. He will show you around Panajachel, where most of the action is going on, and he has a private boat to easily get to any of the surrounding villages.

The quality of the homes offered by Atitlan Solutions are outstanding--you can specify whether you’d like something “rustic and private” or a house that is “very modern” with spectacular views of the lake. You’ll be surprised by how economical it is to rent or buy property at the lake.

As for your other needs while visiting or living at the lake, such as getting wireless internet or exchanging money, Armand can certainly guide you in the right direction.

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