Lake Atitlan Real Estate 2012 perspectives

Real Estate Market price tendency for 2012

Guatemala will receive a lot of publicity during 2012 because of the
interpretation of the Mayan Calendar as the end of  a cycle for some ones
or a new renewal of the world consciousness.

2011 has been a very low year for real estate in the area. The economical crisis
that hit the United States and European countries hit us particularly strongly in 2011.
American Citizen are our first customers in the lake areas followed now by Canadians
Showing an increase for this last country particularly with the idea of spending winter times in a more friendly weather area. And Guatemala is the country of eternal spring.
Lake Atitlan with is spectacular weather from November to May make it a first class destination for people looking for comfortable temperature without using heating system or cooling system neither.
Also a stronger Canadian dollars make the real estate prices in the lake more affordable, rising interest for this market. We have seen in winter 2010-2011 a significant rising in inquiry from Canadians looking to come back in 2011-2012 to invest in Lake Atitlan  real estate market.

More attention to Guatemala and its potential as a retirement destination not only for the quality of the weather but also for the quality of life and affordability will affect the price of real estate. We have a little  stock of cheap properties under $ 80,000 that shouldn’t last much.  For example land waterfront with car access
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