Lake Atitlan, Before buying real estate 7 points to check

Lake Atitlan
Before buying real estate
7 points to check

1 -  It is not what you think it is:

Most people will start their search for property on the internet and on the internet you'll find everything.  You will find reputable brick and mortar companies,  Atitlan Solutions  and Terra X  .. or you find "virtual companies" some with a lot of outdated information and pretend to be a Realtor.

Before investing, it is important you verify your sources  to ensure your interest is available and not  a property listed just to reel you in.

2 -  It is in Spanish:

Yes, all transactions either on paper at the notary or bank are in Spanish . If you are not fluent in the language, make sure you get a translator to help you understand what’s going on.

3 -  Choose a reliable partner:
Choosing a reputable brick and mortar type company as Atitlan Solutions, or Terra X  , will give you the peace of mind you need.  We are the two oldest companies with the best record in the Lake Atitlan area. 

The "virtual companies".i.e.,  (atitlanproperties, atitlandreams, realestateguate..) have outdated information and you might end up wasting your time!

4 -  There are laws and rules:
Yes, there are plenty of laws and rules. Some might tell you, "do what you want",  but, it is at your own risk!
You can't  use the excuse "I didn't know".  Not knowing the laws or the language is no excuse not to respect them. There are ownership, building, labor and environmental laws.

It is important to respect the Countries laws in order to be respected. 

5 -  No building inspections or codes;
Yes, when you buy or build we don’t have strong building rules like in your country and it might make you feel uncomfortable.  Working with reliable companies will  ensure you get the best quality job,  legal and environmentally safe.

6 -  Residence or investment:
This is a question you need to ask yourself,  as shopping for investments would be different in requirements than investing in your dream retirement home. There are great investment opportunities to be made around Lake Atitlan. Listings available at,

7 -  Rebuild or build:
Some, would like to purchase homes right away. However most are not  made with modern materials and find they must demolish the home and rebuild. If you do choose to build, but are worried about the challenge it could bring, Atitlan Solutions can show you what a pleasant experience it can be! Visit us at,

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