Guatemala 6 best retirement destinations.

Guatemala, this little country just pass Mexico is the center of attention of a lost of people wondering if the World will end this last 14th Baktoon as some people have been predicting or simply in search of a place to retire in style.
Located at the perfect latitude Guatemalan’s highlands benefit of an eternal spring weather condition. Making it a place ideal to retire. Plus for the ones enjoying tropical temperature two excellent spots bathed by two different ocean and for the one liking more cooler temperature the second city of Guatemala offers fresh winter (no snow, still no heating system in the house).
Lets start with Guatemala City, the place you will most certainly land the first time. Not rated as a great place to retire for many but still if you look at it closely you will find some attractive points.
Real Estate offers excellent value , you can buy brand new apartment in the  heart of Zona Rosa for under $ 1500 /m2. An Zona Rosa offers a lot of easy accessible mall, restaurants, bars. Some of them walking  distance in a safe environment. Then in Zona 10 you have excellent theaters, gym equipment, libraries  and very close to the best hospital and dental clinic with doctors trained in the US with the top equipments at a fraction of the cost in the US.
Take you car and in under 1 hour you are heading to Antigua Guatemala, one of the most three most  beautiful colonial town in the New World in the times of the conquest. Paved street, low building, painted in pastels colors, bunganvillas hanging down from every wall, active and non active volcanos in the background, wide selection of restaurants and bars. A lot of expats have already relocated here.
Drive another 2  ½ hours on a brand new divided high way and you are on the shore of  most beautiful lake in the world , Lake Atitlan,  more lead back, inmerged in living mayan culture, with 130 km2 of fresh water with 3 volcanos in your face and spectaculars sunsets.
Drive another 1 ¾ hour and you reach Quetzaltenango, higher altitude, at the feet of others volcanos in a large plain. This provincial town offers around its central park, street to get lost in, with restaurants, cafes and bars frequented by young and no expats and tourist. Right from there you can go bike, hike , trek… for the sportif.
If Quetzaltenango is to cold for you just drive down to the Pacific Coast through coffee plantation and huge extend of sugar cane plantation. Along the beach you have incredible development with villas and condos around infinity pool, hamocs to watch tropical sunset , and the best sport fishing spot in the world not too mention turtles breading beaches and wales observation.
If you get bored with the Pacific Coast, get to the other side of the country to Rio Dulce for the Dulce vita of the sailor… If you like life on board well there are many Marinas offering excellent services for floating expats plus it is a safe heaven for sails boat from hurracans. Lots of fresh sea food, lush tropical landscape.
Well enough said come to see by yourself… And don't hesitate to contact me
for any questions regarding relocating to Guatemala and particularly Lake Atitlan.  write me or call me (502) 51042812

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