Some new publicity for Guatemala as retirement destination

Guatemala is getting a lot of attraction this year particularly with the 14th baktun celebration. The 21 st of December will mark the end of the Mayan Calender and announce for some a new era of higher consciousness for the world. Let's hope it will be... Meanwhile some very interesting articles have been published recently on the web portraying Guatemala as a potential new interesting destination for North Americans looking to retire and be able to get more value out of their dollars.

Guatemala with it sixth tops destination, according Atitlan Solutions, Guatemalan real estate company located on Lake Atitlan, offers in deed an excellent choice for potential

Antigua 16 th century town ideal for expat

Guatemala Costa Rica Competitor

Lake Atitlan one of the 6 cheap places to retire abroad

The situation in Guatemala have been slowly improving in terms of security the new President Otto Perez Molina with his government has been working hardly to reduce the rate of crime. Plus some people are looking for alternative destinations that offer a non traditional approach to retirement based more on sharing life with local villagers as the same times offering a cheaper cost of living.
Of course not all Guatemalan retirement destinations might attract a lot of candidates but for sure there are enough variety in the life style they offer for a wide variety of candidate for a change in their life. Don't hesitate in contacting me to help you plan your new life style.

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