Guatemalan new realtor Licence rule

The Government of President Otto Perez Molina has issued a new set of rules for broker  in Guatemala. After many years of an incomplete law, in association with the Guatemalan Chamber of Realtors  and other organisation related to this activity the government has issued an "acuerdo gobernativo" (a government ruling) number 239-2012 the October the 1st 2012. This instrument comes to regulate the law  related to the profession of realtor , decreet # 270, chapter 3 brokers, commerce code.
In order to apply for the licence, you need to be

  • to be adult
  • resident an living in Guatemala, in case of being a foreigner to have permanent residency
  • to have graduate in commercial matter or brokering or worked for three years in a brokering firm.
  • To be honest

The request to obtain the licence has to be presented to the Ministry of Economy. It is a free process and the following information has to be provided.

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Status civil
  • Nationality
  • Profession or activity
  • Address
  • Address to receive notifications or citations
  • the name of two professional of the Economics Sciences to declare on the honesty, capacity of the applicant
The following documents have to be added
  1. Legal copy of ID
  2. Police and Judicial record
  3. Certificate of profesional education in comercial field or brokering o letter of profesional experience related to brokering
  4. Declaration under oath of the two proposed professional
  5. two photos ID
  6. In case of foreigner accreditation from the Migration Service of permanent residency
A bond of $ 3500 has to be acquired

The Ministry has then 30 days to publish the licence application in the Diaro Centro Americano.
After the licence is approved the broker has to register a business licence with the Registro Mercantil of Guatemala.

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