New minimum salary for 2013

It has been official by, President Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala, decreet a raise of the minimum salary applicable 1st of January 2013. In conformity with the Government Agreement, published in the Central American Newspaper the 15th of December 2012.
The increase for the agricultural workers and non agricultural. With this increment the monthly salary for both economics sectors will be Q. 2,421.75 (US $ 307.32 at the current exchange rate) which include a bonification of 250 quetzales (US $ 31.21) each month. The National Wage Commission has come to an agreement with Otto Perez Molina. Contreras a sures that the increment of 5% is the reflection of the conditions for the employment of inflation and economic growth. Augusto Valenzuela, the representative of employment says, that this is an historic decision, after many years of failure negotiation. Well times to take not and make sure your employees are paid according the new decree. This will increase by 5% the cost of managing your real estate property in Guatemala. If you have doubt how to manage your property, just contact us or visit our web site

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