A client shares his story about investing in real estate in Lake Atitlan Guatemala

An experience from one of Atitlan Solutions clients. 

When I decide to invest in real estate in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala I was looking for a good location not necessary on the water front but more with spectaculars
Lake Atitlan Volcanos
views as I found it it will always will be an attractive figure for the future. After looking at several location I decide to buy a small lot above the path going to Jaibalito in Santa Cruz LaLaguna. A little bit more than a quarter of an acre but with water and electricity. The price compensates for the relative long walk to get uphill. Once the land secure I engage Armand Boissy at Atitlan Solutions, as I have seen several projects the company had developed and spoke with some clients of his about their own experience in buying and building with this company.

What I like the most is first of all that it is a brick and mortar business and not only a web page, second Atitlan Solutions has a large experience in all the areas related to real estate in Guatemala and particularly in Lake Atitlan.
The video testimony of one of their clients finish to convince me.
 An area very knew for me, despite having been coming several time to visit the lake, I felt that I could rely on Atitlan Solutions because of their proven records. The process of buying was quiet easy and straight forward despite being very different from my European country of origin.Atitlan Solutions was able to work on getting for me the government lease contract for 30 years and at the same times all the environmental authorisation requires prior to build from the Ministry of Environment (MARN). I definitively wouldn’t have the patience to deal with the intricacies of the Guatemalan institution despite being fluent in Spanish. The results were all worth the money I spend for these services. 

This house is the first one I have ever build and I have to rely completely on Atitlan Solutions expertise. I found Armand very open to change as we were able to make some minor changes during the building process. I chose to build with concrete blocks for the walls, concrete slab for the floors and a prefab styre foam panels roof. All the process was in the times planned and we have a minor increase of the total cost calculated but in a normal range for this kind of project.
I appreciated the inputs of Armand along the construction process as his ample knowledge of the way of living here which helped me to set the house taking advantage of the best views and making covered porch to enjoy the beautiful weather. I found this experience very satisfying and I’m a proud owner of a two bedrooms houses with incredible vista, which I build to allow me to rent it until the time I can move into it for my retirement.
Atitlan Solutions is doing the property managementof the property and the rental management as well. What amazed me the most is the fact that every materials used for the house have been carried by hand from the shore of the lake and the quality of the different locals skilled workers hired for the house.So far I’m very please with my investment as I ‘m getting a better return on my money than if I would have left it in the bank.
C P , Paris 

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