When New Yorker pays millions dollars for views...

Recently I bump on this article from the New York Times, The Strastospherians... , I can see great views, silence, peace "never get out of style"... Well let me tell you about a place where you don't have to build to live high above , where you will find silence, peace and non obstructed views... This place is Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. A lake located two hours flight from Miami, then 2 1/2 from the International Airport of Guatemala, La Aurora, and 4800 ft above sea level... Now at Lake Atitlan, prices don't rise if you go higher at the contrary
the view expand check this house located just under the clouds. A great location with great view . Now you can be still closer to the lake with a view that won't cost you a million dollar but that is worth a million dollars. Look at this lot, offered at $ 75,000 hard to bit.. Now if you don't find the house of your dream  Atitlan Solutions Building as ample experience around the lake check what Misses et Mr Brink have to say about their experience.

Nothing than waking up in a place where the air is fresh and clean.. no contamination, the view is always magnificient and life is affordable and luxurious..
Atitlan Solutions is your expert for your real estate project in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.. for building, land and house buying, or just rental or property management . Their experience is your guarantee.

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