The impact of Natural disasters on Properties Value for Guatemala Real Estate

How to assess the impact of natural disasters for properties in the real estate market of Guatemala?

After each rainy season several owner and potential buyers wonder how their properties will be affected by it.

Guatemala per its location is susceptible to be heavily affected by weather events. I will leave other natural disasters as earthquake and volcanoes eruptions to another article…

Guatemala weather is based on two season. The dry season which springs from October to may… During this time no rain at all particularly on the high lands . Some showers maybe expected on the lowlands but dryness is predominant.

The rainy season springs from June to mid October…. The rain is not as bad as in Asian countries, nothing like the Monsoon… At the contrary it is more like tempered areas… sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon…
The problem is the quantity of rain we receive… on the over hole of the rainy season the quantity only affects lakes level and particularly lake Atitlan.
Considered as one of the most beautiful lake in the world it attracts several expat who have decided to leave on its shore. Therefore buying a property on lake Atitlan has never been so challenging..
Being installed since 25 years on its shore the level has never been so high during my stay and it keeps rising. Owners as buyers all wonders where it will stop…  Several properties build too low already have been inundated, and some soon will be under water… All this affects tremendously the value of the properties…
The questions are what will be this rising cycle length… and to which extend?
There are no definitive at the moment to consider to acquire real estate as house waterfront, land waterfront or vacation rental in Lake Atitlan it is important to look at location. You should learn about the past history of lake level, check out if you are not in a riverbed.
The government made some maps defining the areas of most risks particularly for flooding and mudslides.
One good thing is that you can get insurance against damages from flood or lake rise..  Preferably choose houses and land on higher-ground  and not flat areas..
And some times it is better to buy a view than lakefront as you can always build a pool if you want to swim or join a marina to store your boat.
Don’t hesitate to consult with us if you are not sure of your choice.. When buying real estate in Lake Atitlan requires some expertise.
Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City are not that much affected by water rise or mudslide.

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