A little cotage in the heart of San Marcos La Laguna

In Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, real estate in San Marcos La Laguna offers interesting properties for different needs.. This little plot is located 100 mts from the center of town.. it is on the path to the new Yoga Forest center up in the valley. Still all fenced with coffees plants and bananas tree.. Currently with electricity and water with agreement with the neighbour. The cottage is 6 x 7 mts it is one room and each corner has a function.. the cuisine corner, the dining corner, the sleeping corner and one for what ever other use. The construction is made of barrareque the traditional building system with palm for roofing. If you want to retire in Guatemala and particularly in lake Atitlan this is a very affordable property.. you could rebuild it with a second floor and enjoy great views of the lake and volcanos. Located outside any risk zone and close to town makes it very attractive. An adjacent lot could be purchased for $ 20,000.00 contact me at atitlanrealestate@gmail.com property SANMAH 05

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