Buy Land under 50,000 $ in Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Guatemala being the next place to be, some wonder if it is still possible to buy land for an affordable price in Guatemala and particularly in Lake Atitlan. If the most look after retirement destination in Guatemala, Antigua Guatemala, is out of reach for most of the potential retirees, Lake Atitlan still offers great land opportunities.. In Antigua, in the urban area it is almost impossible to find a vacant lot and if you find one the price are in the 6 figures..outside the urban limit and in the surrounding villages you do find affordable lots but often without any utilities.. Check this project Cafetales de Santa Ana.
Now Lake Atitlan which is one of the top lake destination in the world  offers still great lot to buy..

For example we have a great piece of land outside San Pedro La Laguna, on the road, with electricity, water from a well offered at $22,000.00. Ideal to build your own little corner of paradise..
Now for your surprise there is sometimes incredible offers like this one in A cottage for $ 25,000.

You could add a floor and have a view of the lake and enjoy the proximity of the goodies that San Marcos La Laguna as to offer..Now a bit closer to Panajachel in Santa Cruz La Laguna you can find a lot with all the services for $ 45,000, with a contract from the government. Close to hotel Isla Verde , above it , with great views and a terrace to build on it.. And finally if you want a more urban location like Panajachel, you can find some lots around 100 - 120 m2 for around $ 25,000... So yes it is still possible to get a real good real estate buy in Lake Atitlan Area. Still the high land destination for retirement in Guatemala, for the lovers of natural beauty and living Mayan Villages.

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