OCRET visit Santa Cruz La Laguna waterfront neighbours

During the past week if you have a house on the waterfront you might have your care taker calling you if you are not living at the house permanently informing that some OCRET employees have been distributing letters to each houses on the waterfront. As this one below..
It states the following..
Base on the article 32 of the decree # 126-97 of the Law regulating the territorial areas of the State of Guatemala, which establish the obligation to legitimate the possession rights. Any person which actually have possession of a property located in the territorial areas of the State, without renting contract are obliged to regularize and legalize its situation during the six following months counting from the publication of the law.
For this reason, the OCRET office located in the 7th street 5-39 zona 1 Solola invite you to regularize your land ownership to give you the legal certainty.
OCRET Letter distributed to the Sta Cruz neighbours

The OCRET office building in Solola
OCRET office building Solola

Now one thing you have to be aware the 6 months mentioned to regularize the property situation is from the year 1997. Which means that right now they are just inviting you to come to their office to regularize your situation not mentioning any time frame.
OCRET depends of the Ministry of Agriculture and until recently only had office in Guatemala city. They open an office in Solola to help the particular to full fill their obligations more practically.

What does it mean to register with OCRET.
- first of all you need a legal copy of your paper of ownership
- then a plan of the land
- a plan of the localisation
- if you are waterfront OCRET won't rent you the first 20 mts as it is considered public beach but you will have the responsability to maintain it, prevent invasion and allow people to be able to walk the shore line.
- copy of your ID
- a guarantor 
- pay the fee for the tecnical visit Q 500.00

then wait that they call you for an inspection.
The process can take up to a year depending the quantities of demand they have to handle.

A Solutions have been helping dozen of foreigners in acquiring contracts. Them being present or through power of attorney. We also provide the guarantee for a yearly fee when you don't have one.

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