What about Decreto 42-2010 Law to promote internal tourism

Holidays and Decree 42-2010

If you are leaving in Guatemala as tourist, expat or retired you might sometimes wonder what is appropriate to do when holidays fall during the week. You might don't know but there is a Governmental Decree which was intended to help internal tourism allowing companies to move the day off closer to the week end in order for the workers to benefit of long week end. The idea is if people have long week end they will have time to visit tourist destination and this way improves the local economy.
So next week the Dia del Ejercito, 30th of june  (Day of the Army) , falls on tueday. According the decree 42-2010 , article #2 when the holiday falls on a tuesday it will be taken on the previous monday.
So in this particular case your care taker, employee that work everyday should come to work on tuesday and rest on monday. Unless you make other arrangements but you have to document it.

Now the decree says as well that if it falls on wednesday or thursday it will be taken the inmediate following friday.
If it falls on saturday or sunday no changes are made.

Now here is a reminder of the hollidays of Guatemala  in 2015 for the one who are not sure to know them .

now the decree also in the same article number two as the following exceptions.
The days One of january, thursday, friday and saturday Santos, 15 of september, 20 of october, 1st of november, 24  and 25 of december , 31 of december and the day of the patron of the locality.

Fiestas Patronales Lake Atitlan

And as a reminder  the fiestas patronales of each villages around the lake..

Panajachel,  4th of  October, San Francisco de Asis
Santa Cruz La Laguna, 10th of May , Santa Elena de la Cruz
San Marcos La Laguna, 25th of April, San Marcos Evangelist
San Pablo La Laguna, 25th of January, San Pablo Apostol
San Juan La Laguna, 24th of June, San Juan Bautista
San Pedro La Laguna, 29th of June, San Pedro Apostol
Santiago Atitlan, 25th of July, Santiago Apostol
San Lucas Toliman,  18th of October, San Lucas Evangelist
San Antonio Palopo, 13th of June, San Antonio de Padua
Santa Catarina Palopo, 25th of November, Santa Catherine of Alexandrie.

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